Happy Superbowl Sunday! At left is a picture of me and my old teammate Dawn wearing our Game Faces … and our Birthday Suits. There’s lots of photos and videos featuring the two of us together, individually and having our way with various submissives from both sexes at my sites. And not just Dawn, but plenty of other Breast Goddesses, all of us just waiting for you to visit so you can “light a candle to Ishtar in our sweet names” as the poet once said.  

I’ll provide the links in a moment, then it’s back to my Superbowl party preparations. It was easy getting my minions to cook, serve and tend bar, but I had a really tough time finding enough subs named John to serve in the Port-A-Johns. I hope those boys are thirsty. And, now that I think about it … hungry.  

Meanwhile, you just remember to visit me and Dawn and my other gal pals at the following links:




 Look alive, everyone, I am BACK in all my unbearable loveliness! LOL I’m giving this blogging thing another shot in order to provide another arena for my devotees to get their Rhiannon fixxx on a daily basis!

One of my subs referred to me in one of his worshipful epistles as “the Dark Goddess of Erotica” and I like the sound of that. Something each of you can do to make this blog a little more interactive is leave a comment at this post referring to me with your own 5-10 word MAXXX description. Catch my eye  with your eloquent devotion and I’ll reply to signal my approval or maybe even … my pleasure.

Remember, would-be trolls, that any comments that are left go through moderation by me personally first so petty attempts to start flame wars will never even be posted.

I’ll be sharing plenty with you in the months to come, so don’t be shy, people! Get on the stick with those 5-10 word devotions and try to make yourselves known!

For tonight, as befits my role as the Dark Goddess of Erotica, I’m relaxing with a horror film. I’ve got my long, silky legs propped up on the back of one lucky sub while two even luckier ones get to lap away at the soles of my feet to help me unwind. I’m watching Rabid Grannies in its uncut form. The version from Troma is edited too heavily and leaves out way too much of the gore, so the unrated version is the only way to go.

The movie is from 1988 and was one of the European imitators of the Evil Dead films. Two women celebrating their 90th birthday get a package from their devil-worshipping nephew. The package turns them into U-G-L-Y rampaging demons who enjoy tormenting and graphically slaying the greedy relatives who gathered for their birthday celebration. Not even children are spared in the bloody night of mayhem that follows. This movie doesn’t play around, so only watch it if you think you can handle it.

Too bad you can’t be one of the subs with me while I enjoy this movie again (Hey, it’s my version of a Chick Flick!) but if you want the next closest thing, you can check me out here  – http://www.mistressrhiannon.com/

Most women go to work in a stuffy office and stuffy business suits on. Mistress Rhiannon doesn’t mind dressing up but she can’t wait to get out of those clothes. She feels much more comfortable in a bra and panties if that. She loves the feel of her massive mounds as they burst out of her bra. They bounce as she frees them from their confinement. She runs her hands over her soft flesh before running them down to the sweet temple between her incredible thighs. Her wet cunt pleads to be touched as she sinks her fingers deep inside. As she touches and plunders her own soft heated core she climbs the mountian of lust and soars of the edge of oblivion before collapsing in a mass of hot sticky lust drenched sweat.

Come see this and so much more at http://www.MistressRhiannon.com

Mistress Rhiannon’s not your average prissy Mistress. She loves to rock out with her band and we love seeing her straddle the amps and get wicked with the guitar. Smoking, drinking and just being an all around bad girl is how we love to see her. When she graces us with the sight of her fingering her sweet slit while she fondles those voluptuous tits… we just crumple to the floor and beg to be trampled under her powerful feet. As her pussy wettens and cum starts running down her sweet thighs there’s not a soft cock in the room. She rides the waves of ecstacy over and over, cum dripping, soaking the headstone she uses as a chair.

Come see this and so much more at http://www.MistressRhiannon.com

As Melonie Charms is strapped to a cross for her punishment the thermostat is lowered to chill this busty babe. The torment Mistress Rhiannon has in mind is far worse than just simple cold/hot play. She strips her down at straps her to the cross before covering her icy mounds with hot wax. After that she is wrapped in Saran Wrap and left to chill. Soon Mistress Rhiannon is back to play with the hot wet core between Melonies thighs and gets her blood pumping again. before taking her down and allowing her to warm up completely Melonie is in for a long wicked torture session. and Mistress Rhiannon is just the sick twisted mind to give it.

Do you have the stomach to watch? Come see this and much more at http://www.mistressrhiannon.com

Mistress Rhiannon’s dungeon is way to big and dirty for her to clean herself. So she does what any normal woman would do. Hire a maid. But this maid isn’t your average maid, this is Victoria Zdrok, Penthouse’s own Pet of the Year. This one has looked up to Rhiannon and lusted after her for years. And now here she sits in the Mistress’s chambers, a dream come true. As she cleans Mistress Rhiannon realizes that this maid lusts after her… and she has a pretty nice rack to go with her sweet smelling cunt. Soon Mistress Rhiannon beckons her over and caresses her voluptious melons. soon Victoria’s a lustful ball of energy and clinging to Rhiannon’s every movement. Licking and sucking anything Mistress will give her to lick she can’t get enough. The two wind up sharing the throne and riding each other’s tight pussies till they both collapse in a sloppy, soaking glob of cum.

Come see this and more at http://www.mistressrhiannon.com

When an unsuspecting man tries to peep at girls entering the bathroom he is in for one hell of a surprise when Mistress Rhiannon enters. When she realizes someone’s watching her most intimate of moments she gets pissed off. And he gets pissed on! After a long wicked beating he endures. And Mistress Rhiannon doesn’t let him off easy. He is punched and kicked in the stomach, legs, neck, even balls. She’s going to teach him to try and spy on innocent girls at their vulnerable moments. By the time she’s done with him he is a mass of quivering crying flesh on the floor. I can’t even call him a man anymore, he’s been beaten that badly. But the restrooms are safe once again!

Come see this and much more at http://www.mistressrhiannon.com

Even the roughest toughest Mistress must learn to defend herself. Mistress Rhiannon shows off her skills and her incredibly busty body. Her flexibility is enough to make any man hard and the strength of her blows will make you cringe and beg to be used as her punching bag. This fiesty slut sure knows how to keep the boys at bay yet begging for more. It is truly amazing what you can do with those belts they hand out. From tying the boys up and even gagging them to ending up wrapped in them yourself. But we’d beg Mistress Rhiannon to tie us up any day…

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Mistress Rhiannon loves showing off her incredible body. And this is no exception. Here she is in a set of incredible fishnets and it doesnt stop there. You know the only good thing about fishnets are slipping your fingers in and playing, feeling your own hot wet cunt. Mistress Rhiannon loves showing you how she loves running her hands up and down her own legs, across her hot wet core. Fingering herself deep until her pussy clenches around her fingers and cum is dripping out of her sweet slit. Begging to be tasted.

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Nothing is normal and pure when Mistress Rhiannon Dawn Witham are involved. They turn the cheerleading squad into a bunch of cum hungry sluts. And they look so wicked! Mistress Rhiannon loves getting her sweet cunt licked and Dawn has the right tongue for the job. These two sluts work each other over, sucking their huge tits and nipples, licking tasty cunts…. Its all fun and games in the world of a slutty cheerleader. Soon the coaches are all gathered watching these two finger fuck each other into a cum filled frenzy of busty lust.

Come see this and much more at http://www.mistressrhiannon.com

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