Happy Superbowl Sunday! At left is a picture of me and my old teammate Dawn wearing our Game Faces … and our Birthday Suits. There’s lots of photos and videos featuring the two of us together, individually and having our way with various submissives from both sexes at my sites. And not just Dawn, but plenty of other Breast Goddesses, all of us just waiting for you to visit so you can ”light a candle to Ishtar in our sweet names” as the poet once said.  

I’ll provide the links in a moment, then it’s back to my Superbowl party preparations. It was easy getting my minions to cook, serve and tend bar, but I had a really tough time finding enough subs named John to serve in the Port-A-Johns. I hope those boys are thirsty. And, now that I think about it … hungry.  

Meanwhile, you just remember to visit me and Dawn and my other gal pals at the following links:




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